Fun Photoshoots in the atelier (also possible on location)

Fun Photoshoot @ Something Extra

Voor iedereen; jong & oud, petit of van formaat, man of vrouw /

for everybody in any size shape or form!
Wij zijn open op goed geluk of op afspraak! / We are open on appointment or ''try your luck''
Op maandag, donderdag en zaterdag is de grootste kans om me aan te treffen in mijn atelier. / On Monday, Thursday and Saturday you will a have the biggest chance to catch me.
Ik ben er regelmatig ook op andere dagen! In de avond kunnen er ook afspraken gemaakt worden. / I am around on other days as well as in the evenings!!

Prices are always per person:
Groups above 10 persons get 1 person free!

sensational styling
5 fun accessories
10 portrait top
15 full costume
25 with extra attention on hair and make up

fun photoshoot
5 quick shoot including 1 picture
7,50 medium shoot
10,00 large shoot, extra compositions and/or outside
15,00 other backgrounds of citywalk
25,00 professional photographer takes care of you

extra prints 2,50 pp
digital files 5,00 per person
frames 2,50 black & white 5,00 all other frames

teaparty from 2,50 tot 15,00 per person (from liquor-tasting tot home-made pies, to champagne...
walk around town from 5,00 per half hour to 25 pp per hour with special tastings and special surprises

Photoshoot Arrangement: 25 per person
sensational styling (15), extended shoot (7,50), two pictures pp (5) and digital files (5) per we transfer